Do EVERYTHING In Your Power To See That EVERYONE You Know Receives & Reviews EVERYTHING On This Web Page!
Do EVERYTHING In Your Power To See That EVERYONE You Know Receives & Reviews EVERYTHING On This Web Page!
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Unite And Organize ALL State Militia

Giving Genuine, Honest, Decent, True Americans Who Are Like-Minded, Specifically As Such Pertains To Our Belief In The United States Constitution, Our Traditional American Way Of Living, Our Freedom, Our Liberty, Truth, Justice And Equality Under The Law A Way To Connect With One Another, Unite With One Another, Stand With One Another And Fight For What Is Right!
The Ultimate Solution To Our Problems In America
USA, United States Constitution, Militia, Political Corruption

     Bottom Line: There are MILLIONS of people (U.S. Citizens) who believe that there is a movement to destroy America… to obliterate the "Sovereignty" of the USA and CHANGE or ELIMINATE The United States Constitution.  Whether such is just "Conspiracy Theory" or "Actual and Factual" the ultimate POINT is that MILLIONS of people believe that such is in the process of taking place and they do NOT want such to take place.  Moreover, a great MANY of these people have very good reason to believe that such is taking place by way of at least two possible forces: 1.) The current United States Government Administration has been hijacked by people whose philosophical views and beliefs are based upon Socialism and/or Communism.  Therein would lay their motivation.  Hence, they have infiltrated and taken over the Unite States Government.  2.) The NWO (New World Order), which consists of the world's "Financial Elite" (Monarchs and Billionaires from within and without of the USA) are endeavoring to carry out their plans for Global Domination.  And the USA, its Constitution and its "God-based" Morals, Ethics, Principles, Standards and Family Values are standing in their way.  Therein would lay their motivation.  Hence, they have infiltrated and taken over the Unite States Government.

     Either of the above possibilities represents a legitimate basis for U.S. Citizens to be concerned and to TAKE ACTION against such forces.  The ONLY way such forces could be defeated is if ALL Decent People, True Americans, Patriots and Militia were to JOIN FORCES and Unite and Organize accordingly.

     If YOU consider yourself to be a "Decent Person"… that is to say: If YOU respect and hold dear Judeo/Christian Morals, Ethics, Principles and Family Values AND/OR you respect and hold dear ANY and ALL Morals, Ethics, Principles and Family Values that may be derived from ANY OTHER religion…


     If YOU are a "True American"… that is to say: If YOU respect and believe in the "Sovereignty of the United States of America"… "The American Flag"… "The United States Constitution"… "The 2nd Amendment" and a SMALL and LIMITED Government "Of The People, By The People, For The People"…


     If YOU are a "Patriot"… that is to say: If YOU respect and hold dear BOTH of the aforementioned and YOU are ready and willing to DIE for EITHER of the aforementioned realities and causes…


     If YOU are in a Militia… if YOU believe in the Militia… if YOU understand the Militia… or if YOU simply want to BETTER UNDERSTAND the Militia…

     If, "IF"…

     If YOU identify with ALL of the aforementioned (the FOUR previously written statements above) or even ONE of them YOU should COPY and PASTE the letter below and send it to your State Governor and/or other Elected Officials (Senators/Congresspersons):

     IT IS EASY TO DO… Simply Google the word Governor and the name of your state and their website will pop up.  Click on their website, click CONTACT, then COPY and PASTE the letter below and send it to them.  All of the work has been done for you, courtesy of  MAKE SCREEN SHOTS OF EVERYTHING YOU DO… ALWAYS!!!  Also, make video recordings of ALL you do… ALWAYS!!!  Keep ALL evidence in multiple SAFE PLACES (with family and friends)!!!

COPY and PASTE the letter below,
and BOTH Email and MAIL (U.S. Postal) to your State Governor and Representatives:

Dear Governor:

     I am submitting the following three part (III Parts) inquire to YOU concerning our State's Militia.  I.) I am respectfully requesting a written reply from YOU to ALL of the SEVEN (7) QUESTIONS below.  II.) I am submitting a STRATEGY for our State's Militia to YOU for your review and consideration.  III.) I am providing YOU with a VIDEO that is CERTAINLY the absolute BEST Video Documentary that has EVER been produced concerning The United States Constitution, the 2nd Amendment and our Militia.  Every person in the USA should watch this informative, insightful, educational and inspiring 2 hours presentation… including YOU, Governor:

I. QUESTIONS - Here are the questions for YOU for which I respectfully request from YOU a WRITTEN REPSONSE (Via Email and Paper Copy via U.S. Postal):

1.)        Congruent with the 2nd amendment of the United States Constitution does our great State of __________ have a "Well Regulated" State Militia?
2.)        Is there ANY name for our State Militia other than "State Militia" or "Militia" that is used?
3.)        Are there OFFICIAL Uniform and/or Patch for our State Militia?
4.)        Is there a Headquarters Office Location for our State Militia?
5.)        Is there more than one Office or Location for our State Militia?
6.)        Who is in charge of our State's Militia?
7.)        What is the Command Structure of our State Militia?  Please include the names, titles and contact information for each and every individual that is in charge of our State Militia that exists between me and YOU, if I were to join today.  Who would my immediate Superior be?  Who would that person's immediate Superior be?  Who would be the Superiors to each and every person above me all the way up to YOU?  I wish to know who each and every one of them is.  Please provide me with their names and contact information, including telephone numbers?

II. Here is my suggested "Strategy" for OUR State's Militia for YOU and/or the Militia Command to implement:

     Strategy - Here is the ULTIMATE APPROACH, for our State Militia.  Prepare a strategy for helping to organize Militia in EVERY State based upon a "MOCK" or "Hypothetical" scenario of "Tyrannical Government Take Over."  MANY people have GOOD reason to believe such is already transpiring in our Nation... but, our current Government REGIME may well WRONGFULLY endeavor to call a buildup of Militia an act of "Domestic Terrorism" and take WRONGFUL action to arrest people and squash it.  If it is sanctioned by the Governors of EVERY State as merely a "MOCK DRILL" in the "unlikely event" such an "improbable" act of Government Tyranny would ever take place in the USA... well, they can't very well arrest State sanctioned Militia for Organizing a "MOCK DRILL" or "Training" for a "Hypothetical" situation and/or act of "Precautionary Measures" in the "unlikely" event of "Government Tyranny" can they?  In this way, the buildup is Sanctioned and Protected WITHOUT threat to any person or Militia member... and the Militia is "In Place" to carry out their duties "if need be."

     There SHOULD be a "Well Regulated" Militia in our State, per the 2nd Amendment of the United States Constitution.  There SHOULD be a buildup of Militia in these times.  And there SHOULD be an ACTION PLAN and/or SRATEGY in place for taking out and/or arresting ANY and ALL Government Officials who seek to CHANGE or ELIMINATE our original and current United States Constitution and/or ANY other Laws of the Land.  And there SHOULD be a system in place for Uniting and Organizing ALL State Militia in concert with such an ACTION PLAN.  "MOCK DRILLS" for such SHOULD be implemented IMMEDIATELY and ongoing for all time to SAFEGUARD and ESNURE the longevity of our Republic.

III. Here is the VIDEO that YOU and EVERY American SHOULD watch from START to FINISH (Every Second Counts):

     I am looking forward to your WRITTEN response to my questions above.  Please send your reply via email and U.S. MAIL (paper copy) to:


Thank You!
Do EVERYTHING In Your Power To See That EVERYONE You Know Receives & Reviews This Web Page!
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Do EVERYTHING In Your Power To See That EVERYONE You Know Receives & Reviews This Web Page!