Prejudice vs. Racism
Do EVERYTHING In Your Power To See That EVERYONE You Know Receives & Reviews EVERYTHING On This Web Page!
Do EVERYTHING In Your Power To See That EVERYONE You Know Receives & Reviews This Web Page!
Do EVERYTHING In Your Power To See That EVERYONE You Know Receives & Reviews This Web Page!
Do EVERYTHING In Your Power To See That EVERYONE You Know Receives & Reviews EVERYTHING On This Web Page!
We, the Majority, who reject and denounce the Moral Decline of our nation, MUST have some "Real" conversations about ALL of my Bullet Points.  That includes this one on Racism.  Not superficial BS, but "Real" and meaningful dialogue.  While the best way to start this conversation might be to say: "All human beings are equal and they all deserve equal rights!" that is not entirely true.  All people are not equal.  And it is precisely because all people are not equal that Prejudice and Racism exist. (Also See: Not Racist).

All men (and women) are NOT created equal.  They can only be granted equal RIGHTS under the law.  Black and White is NOT equal.  Chinese and Indian is NOT equal.  Tall and Short is NOT equal.  Skinny and Fat is NOT equal.  Smart and Dumb is NOT equal.  Heterosexual and Homosexual is NOT equal.  Peaceful and Violent is NOT equal.  Genius and Retarded is NOT equal.  Pro Athlete and Handicapped is NOT equal.  Godly and un-Godly is NOT equal.  Moral and Immoral is NOT equal.  Depraved and Decent is NOT equal.  That is why we have prejudices.  All men (and women) are NOT equal.  They can only be granted equal RIGHTS under the law.  What rights?  The Equal RIGHT to Individual Liberty, Freedom, and Justice - - For each individual to live his or her life as he or she chooses without infringing upon the rights, will, and sovereignty of others... without distorting Laws, Traditions, and/or Values that are shared by the Majority.  See This Striking Example Of A "Race-Based" Contradiction

There will always exist prejudices, and rightfully so.  But Racism does not need to exist.  What is the difference between prejudices and Racism?  Prejudice is opposition to lower and undesirable qualities and characteristics in others.  I can identify many.  But that is not going to help identify and resolve the issue of Racism.  You must identify Racism to resolve it, even if and when it hurts.  The only way to truly tackle and resolve the issue of Racism is to hit it head on and dissect it entirely.  Any and all people who truly want to rise above Racism will acknowledge the truth of everything that is written herein.  Anyone who doesn't either does not have the mental capacity, or deep down inside they want to remain Racist.  Let's expose True Racism so we can purge our Nation.  The terms "Racism" and "Racist" have two possible definitions: 1.) The Mainstream Media's preferred use and application suggests people who disdain other people simply for their Race and/or Color.  2.) People who believe in the beauty and value of ALL Races.  And think they should ALL be uplifted, protected and preserved... not watered down into ONE like the people running the world and commercialism are endeavoring to do for no other reason than increased CONTROL over and PROFIT from humanity.  This dissertation places the spotlight on the first definition... the lame stream Media's common use of the term: "Racism"

The best way to expose and remedy the issue of Racism is to first understand its roots and purpose.  When you do, you will discover that Racism is predicated upon Slavery and it still exists today.  However, it has taken a much more deceptive and elusive form.  The vast majority of people living today are Slaves.  And if the Majority, The Patriots, do not Unite and take a Godly stand today for the sake of our Nation and the future of our children, Freedom will be lost and Racism will prevail.

Human beings are human beings.  And they should all be treated with equal respect and Equal Rights under the law.  However, some complications do arise.  There are exceptions.  For instance, criminals are human beings.  But they do NOT deserve Equal Rights under the law.  Children are human beings.  But they do NOT share, and should NOT share, Equal Rights under the law with Adults.  Gay Marriage is subject to being a "Law" or NOT.  So there are clearly exceptions.  In fact, some much more profound complications may exist based upon certain historical, archeological, and anthropological conflicts.  There are human beings who deny having evolved from Apes.  And there are human beings who admit having evolved from Apes.  Might this pose a conflict of interest with regards to "human" Rights?  Does it contribute to prejudices and Racism?

What if at some point in the future human beings are cross-breeding animals with humans.  Will those creatures, half animal-half human, deserve Equal Rights under the law?  Has this occurred in the past?  Are there human beings in the world today who are cross-breeds?

According to many historical, geographical, archeological, and anthropological based documentaries that have aired on the Discovery Channel, History Channel, and History 2 there do exists some extreme and bizarre examples of things that have occurred throughout human history.  The "Ancient Aliens" theory certainly puts forth evidence that cross-breeding between humans and animals has occurred in the past.  The Bible and other religious texts also reference such Immoral and Wrong creations.  What about that popular and elusive mystery of the "missing link?"  Did a sub-species of cross-breed humans evolve from Apes?  Did a sub-species of humans come into the picture through cross-breeding?  Is it possible that some humans evolved from Apes, while others did NOT?

This is an important question because there do exist such things as "Animal Instincts" and "Human Values."  And the two have extremely opposing qualities.

Without question there are human beings who are pure humans that were created by design.  They did NOT evolve from Apes.  It is quite obvious and indisputable.  I can easily identify them and point them out.  Anyone who asserts that these certain people evolved from Apes is an absolute idiotic moron.  They were created by The Creator, as Human Beings in the Image and Likeness of God.  Many people refer to The Creator as God.  There are people who were created by The Hand and The Word of God.  However, there appears to be sub-species of humans that seem to have evolved from Apes.  By way of their appearances and mannerisms this seems to be a possibility, as well as by their own admissions.  Many of them claim that they evolved from Apes.  Surely, we mustn't deny them their own beliefs and admissions.  In fact, they may be a sub-division of humans that evolved from Apes subsequent to cross breeding techniques that occurred thousands of years ago.  Could this be a root basis for prejudice and prejudicial terms?  Could it be the original basis for Slavery?  Could it be that a lower cross-breed sub-species of human was created in the distant past to be slaves?  How might such a cross-breed sub-species of humans have intermingled, evolved, and integrated with pure humans over many thousands of years?  And how might that have contributed to Racism?

Let's look at the "politically correct" "N word" or "N" word.

It is sad and pathetic to watch news commentators, especially black commentators, on television say: "The N Word"

By saying "The N Word" people are validating it.  It is like saying: "Yeah, and those Niggers… Oops, I'm sorry.  I meant to say those 'N Word' people!"

It is like saying: "The 'N word' means 'nigger' and black people are niggers, so I better say "The N Word."

If you believe that black people are "Niggers," then go right on ahead and continuing to say "The 'N' Word" when referring to that race of people.

That is sad.  It is sick.  And it fosters Racism.

What is a "Nigger"?  Well, let's let psychology and reason decide.  Remember that in the realm of psychology there exists such a thing as "projection" or "projecting."  That means a human being is casting their own inadequacies, self-worthlessness, low self-esteem, and/or confused identity upon another in order to make them self feel better about them self.  They will generally use words to facilitate this practice.  They will call others by certain names that represent their own inner shortcomings.  Hence, when white plantation owners of 50 - 100 years ago and beyond were walking around cracking the whip and saying "Get to work Nigger!" they were simply using a label, a term, a name upon which they were attaching their own faults.  And they were casting it upon the people they were subjugating, abusing, and victimizing.  In this way they could alleviate, minimize, or eliminate their own sense of shame, guilt, and worthlessness.  They were unable to do the work themselves.  They knew deep within their own soul they were doing what was wrong.  And they ignored and seared their own consciousness.  They needed a term to wrap up and encapsulate their shame so they could cast it upon their victims.  The term was "Nigger!"  But wait a minute.  They had other terms too, like: "Chink!"  It was not only blacks who were enslaved.  It was also the Chinese.  And it was the Indians.  Even white people have been enslaved.  Many, if not all, races of peoples have been enslaved.  And they were often enslaved by their own race of people. 

When we think of slave owners we generally visualize white plantation owners.  But those were not the only slave owners.  Chinese enslaved Chinese.  Indians enslaved Indians.  And Africans enslaved Africans.  There were African rulers who sold their own race of people into slavery to the "white man" because of the gains to be made.  Even Queen Nzinga in Angola, West Africa, who fought hard against the slave trade, is said to have sold her enemies into slavery.  This practice was common amongst African countries that were involved in slave trading.  Traders in the Calabar region of what is now Biafra in Nigeria engaged in the new trading opportunities because of the wealth it could bring.  And you can be sure that all slave owners, of all races, most certainly called their victims by names other than their birth names.

Anyone who abuses someone else and calls them a particular name while doing it is simply encapsulating their own self-worthlessness and disdain into that name and casting it upon their victim.  White plantation owners who were projecting their own self-disdain unto the black African people they were abusing used the term: "Nigger!"  Hence, it was the white plantation owners who were the true Niggers.  They used demeaning and self-representing terms while exploiting black people from Africa for their own selfish financial gains.  Thanks to the realm of psychology we can safely, accurately, and confidently conclude that a Nigger is any person who exploits others in a negative, adverse, abusive, and oppressive way for their own selfish financial gains.  A "Nigger" is ANY person, Black, White, Yellow, Red, or Blue who adversely exploits others in a negative and/or oppressive manner for their own selfish gains!  Got it?

There are people who will say: "There are black people and there are Niggers!" as if to imply that the word "Nigger" only applies to black people.    They see a black human being who is clean, well groomed, educated, smart, articulate, and well-spoken.  So they acknowledge it is simply another human being who happens to be black.  They see another black human being acting and talking like an ignorant, dirty, uneducated savage in an offensive and lowly manner and call them a "Nigger!"  This is not Racism.  This is a prejudicial judgment.  It might be fair to call some people by any name given the lowly qualities and characteristics that emanate from them: "Nigger!", "White Trash!", "Dirt Bag!" etc.  But that is not going to achieve any higher end.  And it is not going to identify and resolve the issue of Racism, which is the real problem.

There is a difference between prejudices and Racism.  Prejudices are judgments and oppositions to qualities and characteristics in other people.

Since a Nigger is a person who benefits and profits at the expense and hardship of other people, since a Nigger is a person who inflicts negativity and/or harm upon other people for their own selfish experiences and financial gains, we must identify Niggers and NOT allow them to get into positions of power and influence in the USA.  When we do we allow them to subjugate us to Slavery while simultaneously changing the values that our Nation was founded upon.

It is important to realize, understand, and accept that every created being deserves respect and certain Rights.  Even animals - - that is why there exists animal abuse laws.  Again, there are exceptions.  After all, some animals are pets and some are food.  But even if a sub-species of half-breed human beings were created to become slaves they would eventually evolve over thousands of years to the point where they would likely be given full-fledge status within the human family.  Having intermingled and evolved with pure breed humans over time they would eventually gain equal Rights.  That is because pure-breed humans are kind, forgiving, and accepting - - they are Godly.  And pure-breed humans always maintain order and a sense of Morality.  Half-breed humans remain vulnerable to their animal instincts.  Their animal-driven instincts feed upon and thrive with a blood-lust upon Corporate Greed at the expense of the masses.  That is the continuation of Slavery.  Such people are a sub-species of humans.  They are "Niggers."  They are half-breeds.

If cross-breed sub-species of humans exist, they are fast infiltrating our Nation and our Government.  It is their natural, ungodly, animalistic, nature to destroy all that America was founded upon.  America was founded upon Godly principles.  Those Godly principles are being trodden upon.  And our government is being usurped by the infiltrators, spies, and traitors - - the Half-Breeds - - the Niggers.  By following their innate, natural, animalistic, "survival of the fittest" genomes they seek to enslave and devour the inferior.  Significantly, the only thing that makes one human being inferior to another in this world is money.  There are plenty of smart, intelligent, well-educated people in the world who do not have a lot of money, whether by choice or circumstances.  And there are plenty of people who are wealthy, rich, and elite who have no education or morals.  If you take their money away from them they will no longer be superior to anyone.  Poverty is the great equalizer.  Wealth is the great divider.

Wealth is not a problem.  The combination of Godlessness and Greed is a problem.  Just as guns are not problems.  Certain minds behind guns are problems.  Guns don't kill.  People kill.  Capitalism and Corporate Greed are two different things.  Capitalism is GOOD.  Corporate Greed is BAD.  Niggers, or half-breeds, who capitalize at the expense of others - - that is a problem.  Niggers in positions of power within the government, large corporations, the media, and Hollywood who pump poison, corruption, perversion, filth, and violence into society for financial gains, especially when they pump it into the minds of our precious, innocent, young children through cartoons, games, and movies - - that is a problem.  These are the real issues that are affecting our country and breaking it apart.  And these are the issues I will tackle as the President of The United States of America.

The United States of America, the Declaration of Independence, and the United States Constitution were ordained by The Creator.  The Founding Fathers and Patriots who established the USA were pure-breed human beings who were created by The Hand and Word of God.  And they were instruments of The Creator.

It seems as though the sub-species that came about by way of an evolutionary experiment have evolved and developed to the point that during these current times in their latter stages of evolution they are finding ways to infiltrate the U.S. Government.

They have been permitted to rise up through the ranks and live equal among pure-breed humans.  Over the course of thousands of years of continuing evolution and through access to higher education and financial levity, they have made their way into The Media, Corporations, Politics, and Government.  They are now destroying this once great Nation for their own selfish financial gains and profits.  And they will seek to subjugate all whom they can because of their natural "survival of the fittest" animal instincts.  They seek to enslave because they are the true Racists.

Ultimately Racism all comes down to Slavery.  And ANYONE and EVERYONE who would incur financial gains and profits at the harmful and painful expense of other people is a Racist.  And they are the ONLY true "Niggers!"

While there are clearly an abundance of human beings who are pure-breed humans that were created by God, in the Image and Likeness of God, it is not always easy to indentify half-breeds.  You can generally identify them through their qualities and characteristics.  You can more easily identify them through their behavior.  You can absolutely identify them when they pronounce their own admissions that they evolved from Apes - - clearly that would be a half-breed.  And you can definitely identify them based upon their willingness to capitalize at the overt expense of others.  Obviously, people can capitalize from the shared contributions of fellow human beings.  I am not talking about one person working for another person.  The difference is made clear when it goes to the demeaning, belittling, harmful, and often painful expense of others.  This is especially true when the human that is being taken advantage of is weak.  The best example would be children.  All who would capitalize and profit at the expense of children and their welfare and wellbeing, those are the worst of the worst.  Those are the one whose genomes are less evolved and still more closely associated with their Ape ancestry.

I obtained sole custody of my son, Joshua, when he was three years old.  I did everything I could given my circumstances to raise him the best I could and to help him develop as a decent human being.  When he turned 12 and entered Middle school his life changed for the worse.  And it became very much out of my control.  After becoming more independent, as children do at that age, and entering into Middle school where older children are surrounded by developing teens and generally developing themselves, he became a victim of the Hip-hop "Gangster" Rap culture that is perpetuated throughout society by Niggers.  When he began to idolize and emulate half-breeds who were wearing their pants down past their ass (a sign in jails that indicates "have your way with my perverted self"), wearing false gold teeth, tattooing their bodies, holding drugs in one hand, holding a gun in the other hand, and spewing out trashy statements like: "I'm a nigga mutha fucka and I fuck white ass!  I kill dem cops and I smoke dat grass!" it gave me a justifiable reason to be prejudice.  It actually caused me to struggle for a while against becoming overtly vocal.  But I maintained my poise.  It was not easy because it was painful seeing how my son was being so negatively influenced and adversely affected by the trash that Niggers have incorporated into society in this once great Nation.  Of course, the Niggers being those Black, White, Yellow, Red, or Blue half-breeds that were willing to damage my son's development along with millions of other young children throughout our country for nothing more than their own selfish financial gains and profits.  My son ended up associating with all of those many like-minded youngsters who were all being negatively and adversely influenced and effected by the filth, garbage, trash, perversion, and violence the Niggers were spewing into society.  So he ended up in jail when he was 17.  It broke my heart and made me cry when I visited my son on his 18th birthday in jail.

Fortunately, my son was only in jail for 8 months.  And he has since matured and grew up and transcended well above that sad reality.  He is currently going to college.  Unfortunately, many of his peers didn't.  Quite a few of them, most of them actually, have grown up into their 20s continuing to emulate the Niggers.  One of them, our neighbor, actually ended up in prison.  You got that one Niggers.  But you didn't get my son.  Praise The Creator!

Praise The Creator, and the recovery power of pure-breed human blood.  If you are White, Black, Yellow, Red, or Blue and you know you are a pure-breed human made in the Image and Likeness of The Creator you can rise above it too!

I don't care if it adversely impacts and impairs the development of only ONE child.  Anyone who TRULY cares about children would be doing something to regulate what children are exposed to in society.  Corporations, Politicians, and The Media (Television Programming, Commercials, and Hollywood) are throwing our children under the bus for Financial Gains and Profits.  We are allowing dirt bag, scumbag, selfish, greedy, self-centered, animalistic, half-breed Niggers to continue pumping trash, filth, poison, perversion, corruption, and violence into the minds of our young precious children through cartoons, games, and movies across the country for their own selfish financial gains and profits?  They are TEACHING, ENCOURAGING, and GUIDING our children into becoming Violent Killers.  They ARE putting MANY of our precious, innocent, impressionable, young children BEHIND in their otherwise positive and productive development.  They ARE now responsible for the many Tragic Shootings that are taking place in Malls, Movie Theatres, and Schools.  I have seen it with my own eyes!  I have seen it in my own family!  I have seen it with my neighbors!  And so have you!

Are we going to continue being complacent, apathetic, and indifferent?  Are we going to continue allowing half-breed Niggers to bring our once GREAT country down into the gutter?  Are we going to allow them to turn our once GREAT Nation into a Godless society?  Are you?

Putting my own experiences with my child and neighbors to the side, I remember about 20 years ago walking with my ex-girlfriend into her friend's apartment and observing that the young couple had their infant baby in a rocker propped up 6 feet in front of a huge TV screen that the couple was playing a violent video game on.  The poor helpless infant child was in a gaze starring aimlessly up into this big screen with blood flying around, the sound of guns shooting, and murder and mayhem.  That was nearly 20 years ago in 1997.  I remember at that time it angered me.  I wondered how that child's life might turn out after twenty years of that kind of indoctrination.  And now I am left wondering if it could possibly be one of the young adults I have recently heard about in the news?  But what could I do then?  After all it wasn't my child, right?  Just like the 20 poor beautiful young souls in CT.  They are not my kids, right?  No!  They are mine DAMN IT!  And they are YOURS!

And I aim to do something about it!

The damn media correspondents on Fox News and EVERY OTHER Channel are NOT going to do ANYTHING about it.  The media, ALL MEDIA, use to be, and is supposed to be, our fourth balance of power.  Now they are our fourth balance of corruption.  Profits and ratings mean more to them than human lives.  If they REALLY cared they would have been addressing the REAL issues, as I am now.  But they no longer do that.  NONE OF THEM DO.  That is because they have been taken over, manipulated, owned, and controlled by the half-breeds whose only purpose in life is financial gain and profit at the expense of others!

Even MANY of the guests that appear on these broadcasts are only in it for "self."  Their ego, recognition, fame, and fortune… their 15 minutes (or more) of broadcast fame and recognition… that is what compels MANY of them.  Self-righteous Egotistical Psychiatrists and Psychologists "act" for their viewers like they are trying to make sense of these tragic shootings that are taking place in schools, movie theatres, and shopping malls.  We, as a Nation, tune into their non-sense and think THEY will figure it out while we sit back in the comfort of our sofas and continue allowing trash, filth, poison, perversion, corruption, and violence to enter into the minds of our precious, innocent, IMRPESSIONABLE, young children through cartoons, games, music, and movies that are constantly introducing undesirable, harmful, and debilitating information.  And, yes, there are the DRUGS… and ALCOHOL… and PORNOGRAPHY that we permit our children to be exposed and influence by.  There is NO reason or justification whatsoever for a child to have access to ANY of these things.  Yet, so very MANY of them do!

We watch TV News station correspondents and their "guests" putting on somber faces and "acting" all melodramatic, sad, and concerned for the cameras when tragedies strike. Yet, we NEVER see them use their powerful positions to CONSISTENTLY address the REAL issues… the "real issues."  That is either because they are truly uniformed and don't know what the real issues are.  Or, they are stifled by their executives who don't want to lose "commercial profits."

Here is the BOTTOM LINE QUESTION: Would you rather have a society that is based upon "Godliness" or "Godlessness?"  Would you rather have a society that is based upon "Godly Principles" or "Godless Principles?"  Would you rather have a society that is based upon "Morality" or Immorality?"  Would you rather have a society that is based upon "Decency" or "Depravity?"

Let's Go True Patriots!

The Animated Exemplary Video Below Makes Several Valid Points, Which Support The Writings Above, As Do These Other Videos!
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"The ACTIONS offend, and the word is a Label for the ACTIONS that offend... 'Nigger' is NOT a word relative to COLOR at all in my mind. Although, many 'Blacks' call themselves 'Nigger' all the time. People need to get over the stigmas that are attached to the word. People who feel the stigmas are most likely the people who think 'Blacks' are 'Niggers'... I do NOT. I disdain certain OFFENSIVE behaviors and actions and properly give them their due labels. I am indeed a Racist in that I believe in the beauty and value of ALL Races. Therefore, I think they should ALL be uplifted, protected and preserved... not watered down into ONE like the people running the world and commercialism are endeavoring to do for no other reason than increased CONTROL over and PROFIT from humanity."

- President Mike