Do EVERYTHING In Your Power To See That EVERYONE You Know Receives & Reviews EVERYTHING On This Web Page!
Do EVERYTHING In Your Power To See That EVERYONE You Know Receives & Reviews This Web Page!
Do EVERYTHING In Your Power To See That EVERYONE You Know Receives & Reviews This Web Page!
Do EVERYTHING In Your Power To See That EVERYONE You Know Receives & Reviews EVERYTHING On This Web Page!
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Unite And Organize ALL Patriots And True Americans

Giving Genuine, Honest, Decent, True Americans Who Are Like-Minded, Specifically As Such Pertains To Our Belief In The United States Constitution, Our Traditional American Way Of Living, Our Freedom, Our Liberty, Truth, Justice And Equality Under The Law A Way To Connect With One Another, Unite With One Another, Stand With One Another And Fight For What Is Right!
The Ultimate Solution
The Ultimate Solution To Our Problems In America
The Ultimate Solution To Our Nation's Problems

     The Ultimate Solution to solving our Nation's problems is to acknowledge, identify and isolate that which is GOOD from that which is BAD… that which is RIGHT from that which is WRONG.  While there does exist a "grey area" wherein "GOOD or BAD" and "RIGHT or WRONG" is subjective and relative to each individual's perspective, point of view and opinion there are MANY things that are blatantly and obviously "BAD and WRONG."  However, even things that are subjectively "GOOD or BAD" and "RIGHT or WRONG" can be agreed upon by most people.  And people can be divided into two camps.  In fact, 'The People" need to be… they MUST be… properly divided into two camps in order to solve our Nation's problems.  Especially considering the FACT that our Governmental system is a Government "Of The People, By The People, For The people."  The questions are:  Which people do YOU want running our Government?  And which camp will YOU join?  Will you JOIN with the GOOD or the BAD?  Will you JOIN with the RIGHT or the WRONG?

     Our current political system promotes the notion that the two camps are "Democrats or Liberals" and "Republicans or Conservatives."  It also creates a false illusion that "Democrats or Liberals" are the bearers of that which is BAD and WRONG in the minds of MANY "Conservatives" who view them as being "drug using, pot smoking, baby killers" with an "anything goes" attitude about life and a "lazy, depend upon big Government" disposition.  While "Republicans and Conservatives" are generally held to be the bearers of that which is GOOD but only in an "extreme," "religious," "bible toting," "God-fearing," "Christian" sense in the minds of MANY "Democrats" and "Liberals."

     "Democrats and Liberals" are made out to be BAD and WRONG in the minds of MANY "Republicans and Conservatives."  "Republicans and Conservatives" are made out to be BAD and WRONG in the minds of MANY "Democrats and Liberals."  This is the "divide and conquer" strategy that the current illegitimate Government is using to destroy the United States of America and build their "New Monarchy"… their "New World Monarchy"… their "New World Order."  They are the true bearers of that which is BAD and WRONG.  They are the current Corrupt Politicians who are bought off and paid for by Corrupt and Greedy Mega Corporations, the World Elite Bankers and their mouth pieces: The Media.

     The truth is there are GOOD and BAD people who are "Democrats" and "Liberals."  And there are GOOD and BAD people who are "Republicans" and "Conservatives."  So the Ultimate Question, which will give us the Ultimate Solution to solving our Nation's problems, is:  How do we define that which is BAD and WRONG from that which is GOOD and RIGHT?  The BEST and ONLY answer is: with our children and youth.

     Here is the Ultimate TRUTH and Ultimate FACT that NOBODY, psychologists or otherwise, can intelligently and reasonably deny, argue or disagree with: Children learn.  Children are taught.  We teach children.  What are WE, as a society and a Nation, teaching our children and having them learn?

     Tyrants and dictators are infamously known for saying: "Give me your children and I will give you a Nation!"  Jesus Christ is known for saying: "The children are the Kingdom of Heaven!"  I am known for saying: "Children are beautiful, precious, innocent and impressionable.  And they are the potential of the future!"

     I boldly say that society at large, in the "Public" sense, needs to be, MUST be, "Conservative" for the benefit of our children and youth.  Primetime television, advertisements, commercials, billboards, cartoons, movies, music, radio, etc. should ALL be "Conservative" in the "Public" sense for the benefit of our children and youth.

     The Nay Sayers, who are essentially the True Bearers of that which is BAD and WRONG, will be quick to disagree and will disingenuously assert their claim to 1st Amendment Constitutional "Rights" to "Freedom of Expression" and "Free Speech" in an attempt to justify spewing Filth, Trash, Immorality, Perversion, Indecency and Violence out into society and into the minds of our children and youth.  They do so through all forms of Media.  Many, if not MOST, if not ALL of those people are the same people who cry out for their "Rights" to legalize drugs, legalize marijuana, legalize abortion, etc.  Are they correct when they point to the 1st Amendment to justify their "Right" to immoral, indecent, perverted and violent expression within society, especially when such is at the expense and peril of our children and youth?  No, they are not.  In fact, they are no different than the tyrants and dictators who have cried out: "Give me your children and I will give you a Nation!"  In fact, they seek to poison the minds of our children and youth so that they will grow up to become servants and slaves unto their immorality, perversion, indecency and violence.  Stupefy people and control them.  And start with the children and youth.  Patriots, True Americans and Decent People MUST put an end to this.

     I have the Ultimate Solution to this dilemma.  And it defies any claims they will make for 1st Amendment Constitutional Rights.  In fact, it will increase their "Rights."  So they should be very happy with this Ultimate Solution:

     Anything and everything is now legal.  There are only three Universal laws people must abide by:

1.)        Do not violate the will of another being.
2.)        Acknowledge and respect the boundaries that exist between children and adults.
3.)        Do not bring into "Public" view or access that which is inappropriate for children and youth.

     People can do absolutely whatever they want to do in the privacy of their homes and within Adult Centers that will be built throughout our Nation the size of Walmarts.  They can take drugs.  They can smoke marijuana.  They can listen to filthy perverted music.  And they can engage in immorality, perversion, indecency and violence within their homes and within Adult Centers.  Therefore, their "Rights" have NOT been taken away.  In fact, their "Rights" have been increased.  Now they have even more "Rights."  But they cannot leave and bring those things out into society and into the "Public" sector where children are being raised, nurtured and protected.

     We must make our Nation "Conservative" in the "Public" sense for the benefit of our children.  We must uphold and promote morals, decency and goodness throughout society in the "Public" sense.  By doing so we are doing the RIGHT thing for our children and our youth.  And we will be preventing the moral decay and breakdown of our Nation.  This will strengthen our Nation and make us the "Shinning beacon on a hill, unto the world!" that we are meant to be.  Then we can begin to educate and help the rest of the world.

     All you have to do is ask yourself one simple question: Are children exposed to things that they should NOT be exposed to?  Do children have access to things that they should NOT have access to?  The obvious, truthful and honest answer is: Yes.  So the next logical question is: Why?  And who is responsible for that?  Identify that and you can eliminate the problem and make our Nation and the world a better place.  If YOU are responsible for such happening to our children and youth, then YOU are irresponsible and YOU are part of the problem.  If YOU are not willing to do something to eliminate that from our Nation, then YOU are the problem.

     Children are subject to an increasingly violent and perverted adult world.  I often say: "The Media (News Stations, Advertisers), Hollywood (Movies), Television Programming, Gaming Industry and Music Industry are spewing filth, trash, immorality, perversion, indecency and violence out into society and into the precious, innocent, IMPRESSIONABLE young minds of our children and youth."  Nobody can deny that factual statement.  The question is: Do you care?  Jesus Christ (Whoever He Was, or IS) said: "The Children are the Kingdom of Heaven!"

     Society is highly irresponsible when it comes to the welfare and wellbeing of children.  Particularly as such relates to children having unbridled access to "Adult Content" and/or "Inappropriate Content" and being exposed to its ill effects.  This has become increasingly true as a result of technology and an unrestrained Media whose executives care more about profits than the welfare and wellbeing of children.  There was a time when primetime television content was censored and Hollywood had a panel that determined what was appropriate or inappropriate for the silver screen.  I am not suggesting that we go backwards in time to the days of black and white films wherein women could not show their cleavage.  I am talking about measures that protect children.  Politicians who are NOT corrupt MUST act to protect ALL of our children.  All of the "elite" Television and Hollywood producers of Filth, Immorality, Indecency, Perversion and Violence should praise my "Solution" to this problem (detailed below) because it has the ability to increase their profits while simultaneously safeguarding children.

     Detractors and opponents of my proposed solution will cry foul wrongfully claiming it violates 1st Amendment Constitutional Rights of Freedom of Speech and Freedom of Expression.  It does not.  And I prove it does not.  They will also wrongfully assert their infamous saying: "Parents are responsible for what their children see."  Again, they are WRONG.

     In our modern technological and media driven age it is not realistic or reasonable to assert that parents are responsible for what their children see.  Society does not operate in a manner whereby families live in secluded, segregated, isolated, boxed-in or boxed-off living facilities wherein they can maintain immunity from the rest of society.  There exists such things as neighbors, friends, acquaintances, irresponsible people, schools, television, "public media," the internet and greedy corporate executives who care more about profits than the wellbeing of children.  The internet is exceptionally common and easily accessible.  It also provides the most hardcore, uncensored and widespread variety of "Adult content."  It's unbridled, uncensored, easy access makes it the greatest proliferator of child abuse in our once great but deteriorating nation.  So it must be remedied first.  I provide the solution (below).  Hollywood is the second strongest proliferator of child abuse.  It must be remedied second.  Television programming is the third most proliferator of child abuse.  And the gaming industry is the fourth most proliferator of child abuse.  I have come up with the ultimate solution for protecting children from all of these thoughtless and irresponsible institutions.

     While many parents do their best to keep their homes safe and child-friendly, not all parents do.  But wait.  What do we mean by many?  We don't know how many parents are thoughtful, responsible and mindful when it comes to shielding and protecting their children from "Adult Content," "Inappropriate Content" and/or "Content Unsuitable for Children."  We also don't know how many parents are outright thoughtless, irresponsible and mindless when it comes to safeguarding their children against things that are inappropriate and harmful to children.  We don't know what preventative and protective measures parents put forth.  But we do know what preventative and protective measures the industry puts forth - NONE.

     We don't have to know what preventative and protective measures parents put forth because it is irrelevant.  What if the child of a thoughtful and responsible parent is having a sleep over or is visiting with a friend whose parents are not as thoughtful and responsible?  What if the child of a thoughtful and responsible parent knows another child who carries around an Iphone with unbridled internet access and together they curiously browse the internet based upon something they may have heard about?  Not only are the children of the less thoughtful and responsible parents prone to victimization, but so are the children of the thoughtful and responsible parents.  I did my best to protect my child from adult content on the internet when he was a child and teen.  But the day came when he told me how he saw a video of a woman having sex with a horse on the internet at a friend's house - and not just sex with a horse, but a dog.  This is not just my child I am talking about here.  It is the child of the house and the other children who were present too.  What if it was your child?  Could it be your child?  Do you want it to be your child?  What if it is your brother's child?  What if it is your friend's child?  What if it is the child of someone you don't know?  Do you care if it is someone else's child?  What if there are millions of children nationwide viewing such things?  No doubt there are.  Millions of children have easy and instant access to such content.  Do you care?  Are you willing to do something about it?  All a child has to do is type in a word and click on the results.  Try typing the words "bestiality," "women having sex with horse," woman having sex with dog," "women fucking dogs," "dog fucks woman" or any other desired "keyword" and see what the results and content are that you can so easily access with a few simple clicks.  So can ANY child with access to the internet.

     The problem with some adults who will be reading this is that they will be thinking with their adult minds, which will tend to minimize any shock and the realization of any adverse affects upon children.  That is because they are thinking with their already formed and developed adult minds.  They need to be thinking about the child's mind.  Intelligent and reasonable adults who read this will know and understand what I am saying.

     Perhaps not every child who views such content is going to be marred for life, right?  But even to make a statement like that would be to minimize the wrongness and justify the accessibility for children.  I have always had an excellent ability to communicate with my son about what is RIGHT vs. WRONG.  And he was not traumatized by what he saw.  But we don't really know how such is going to affect other different children, precisely because they are all different.  And they are all going to grow up into adults.  How might such shape their psychology and their psycho-sexual development?  Little girls and boys should not have access to such things.

     Does the system allow such to exist in hopes that it will produce future sex offenders just so they can keep their lucrative justice system operative?  Is that why nothing has been done and an ordinary, lowly, unknown nobody like me has to point it out to government officials?  Here is the "Solution":

     I would call it: SHIELD, or, "The Florida 'SHIELD' Law."  This can be done.  And Florida, the greatest State in the Union in my opinion, should step up to the plate and lead by example.


     Internet access will remain exactly as it is.  The only difference is when a person types in a search "keyword" of "phrase" that is determined by SHIELD to be "Adult Content" or "Content Unsuitable for Children" the screen will go black and a popup will appear asking: "Are you searching for Adult Content?  YES?  NO?"  If you click "NO" your normal browser screen will reappear.  If you click "YES" you will be required to enter your driver license number, credit card number and password.  Three layers of poof of adulthood will be required as children may be able to sneak a credit card number OR driver license number.  Unlikely they will sneak both.  Even more unlikely they will sneak both and obtain a parents password.  Such a measure will greatly deter, minimize and/or eliminate the ability of children to search the internet for "Adult Content" or "Content Unsuitable for Children."  This can be done.  And Florida should be the FIRST State to implement this preventative and protective measure for children.  Florida Politicians and Government Officials should make it so that any internet access coming into the GREAT State of Florida is subject to SHIELD.

     There is one thing, and one thing ONLY, that the Government MUST do in order to make this solution acceptable to the majority of people in general.  They must "Publicly" acknowledge that this is NOT some "Conspiracy-based" government intrusion or attempt to track people's use of the internet.  They must "Publicly" acknowledge that they know millions of people search the internet everyday looking for "Pornography" and/or "Adult Content."  They MUST give their consent, approval and authorization for Legal Adults to search the internet for "Pornography" and/or "Adult Content."  Essentially, the government MUST "Publicly" state the following: "We know that millions of people search the internet everyday seeking to view and enjoy "Pornography" and 'Adult Content.'  We are not judging, criticizing or tracking anyone's behavior.  As you can see on the popup screen it is specifically stated that your government is 'Authorizing' you as a "Legal Adult" to search the internet for "Pornography" and/or "Adult Content."

     Not only will such a "Public" announcement make the solution less offensive, threatening or undesirable to people, but it will increase their confidence and sense of security when they opt to search the internet as a "Legal Adult."  The SHIELD Disclaimer should read as follows:

DISCLAIMER: By entering your Driver License Number, Credit Card Number and SHIELD Password you are hereby authorized by the State of Florida to search the internet for "Pornography" and/or "Adult Content" without any condemnation, judgment, ridicule, scorn or tracking. This is simply a measure to protect children. Thank you for your cooperation. It is greatly appreciated!

     Anyone who has a problem with the solution above has ZERO regard for children.


     Too often have I been inside of movie theatres watching movies full of sexual promiscuity and violence that is totally unacceptable for children of ANY age only to see irresponsible, inconsiderate, mindless parents bringing their children in to watch the movies.  Often the children are between 2 - 10 years-of-age.  It is often quite pathetic and sickening to see.  I have had many friends express the same thing to me.  If parents are that thoughtless and irresponsible then the government needs to step in.  Hollywood certainly does NOT care.  If one-million children enter an extremely violent and sexually promiscuous movie and Hollywood can make 10 - $15 off of each child and gain an estimated $10,000,000.00 - $15,000,000.00 in profits - they are happy as pigs in … Again, that means the "Government of The People, By The People, For The People" MUST step in.  Florida should make it LAW that there are two types of movie theaters: 1.) Theatres that are constructed for "Legal Adults" wherein no child under the age of "Legal Adulthood" may enter. 2.) Theatres constructed for movies suitable for children.  This can be done.

     This also has the ability to make the Hollywood industry that much more lucrative.  Many people do not go to see movies because they do not like whining and screaming children interfering with the show.  Many are also appalled to see little children walking into many movies.  That "turn-off" means "lower profits."  This approach would also influence the creation of more wholesome and appropriate movies for children.  That means more acting jobs and more revenues for Hollywood.  It also means happier customers. Mostly, it means healthier children.


     People have good reason to believe that some corrupt world system, be it "The Devil" and his cohorts or simply greedy corporate executives drunk on profiteering at the expense of children and people in general, surely endeavor to use the Television to "Program," manipulate, steer and control people for their own profits and endgame.  Once again profit at the expense of human decency, dignity and intelligence prevails at the peril and ABUSE of children.  Florida should step up to the plate and require all television broadcasting in this GREAT State to meet standards suitable for children.  Adults can pay, as they already do, for cable television.  This will help to minimize the war against good parenting in the home.  There were standards in the past.  They can, and SHOULD, return to Prime Time Television… at least in the GREAT State of Florida.


     It should be illegal for children to have access to violent and sexually promiscuous games in as much as it is illegal for children to have access to cigarettes, alcohol and drugs.  With regards to ALL of the aforementioned, the GREAT State of Florida should lead by example and strictly enforce its laws concerning ALL of those things.

     Do you care about children?  If you do, you will do everything in your power to see that my "Solutions" are implemented in the GREAT State of Florida and/or in your own GREAT State.

     Patriots, True Americans and Decent People MUST Unite, Organize and TAKE ACTION to clean up our Nation, protect and nurture our children and youth, and prevent the Corrupt, BAD and WRONG people from running our Government "Of The People, By The People, For The People."  The GOOD and RIGHT people must Unite, Organize and TAKE ACTION.  That would be: Patriots, True Americans and Decent People.  Is that YOU?  If so, JOIN NOW!
Stand Together!

There Is
Strength In Numbers!